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I was to receive a credit card for auto pay after three payments. Didn't get it in November. Waited until the 23rd of December and called. Couldn't get a straight answer but the person would put in a request. No call back received. Still haven't gotten it and was on the phone for over an hour and no resolution. Asked for the name of the CEO and two different people transferred me to HR who... Read more

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My second month with Bayview. Bank of America sold my loan or whatever. They sent a threatening letter that my insurance is expired. It Is NOT. Now I get an e-mail a few day later that my loan was not paid. Sure shows paid early out of my bank account. I have never had a problem with my bill pay accounts. Sounds like Bayview is a bunch of idiots who cant do their jobs. Bayview needs to hire some... Read more

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Bayview took over my mortgage. I DID NOT enter into a new agreement with them. I over pay my monthly payment with overpayment documented to be applied to the principle. Not only are they not apply the overpayment to principle but they aren't applying any of the regular payment to my principle. If mthly payment is 383.50 but I paid 433.50, how can NOTHING of the 433.50 be applied towards... Read more

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Terrible business practice and customer service! All we wanted was some information regarding our current account and what they gave us was someone else's information and the incorrect information that we had requested. Then they blocked our number so that we couldn't get through and could only access voicemail. Do not use this company Add comment

I have owned my home for 10+ years. A few years ago Chase contacted us to do a Loan Mod because our rate was so high. After all the red tape was done it was well worth it. Metropolitan Life sold the loan serving to Bayview. Nothing but problems, harassing calls and hate mail. I have never been late on a payment. One month I will make a payment and not get a late fee, the following month i will... Read more

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Every month i go online to make my payment and the website is down. I am shocked at these reviews. I had perfect credit with Chase before my loan was sold to Bay View now I am terrified that something horrible will happen. How many people will it take to convince someone that a Class Action Suit Needs to be filed. I had a re-modification with Chase and I am am worried that I will not be... Read more

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Horrible service! My lian was transfer to bayview loan and since then i have nightmares every month. Never have issues solved, never get any respond from management or customer service! I am frustrated and tired dealing with this bank! Worst experience ever! Add comment

We were making our mortgage on time now all of a sudden they want to add escrow our taxes are never doubled we pay out before the next bill comes in now with the escrow that's making us not able to make our mortgage on time we had to borrow money to meet our mortgage , we had only a months notice of the increase, we want to handle our own taxes and get back to paying our regular mortgage... Read more

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The absolute worse home lender or financial insitution in the world. This company is a joke...seriously. I too am victim of Baycrap Lending. I have NEVER missed a mortgage payment nor been late for that matter. These douchebags out of nowhere want me to pay $2200.00 out of nowhere for no particular reason. No matter how you try to contact them or how high up the ladder you go, everyone just sucks... Read more

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Trying to do a loan modification..I was not informed of a denial I had to call them and ask..I was treated rude and not explained other options...1208.00 a month and 19% help available...there telling me what I can afford...really sounds like a scam Add comment

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