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Bayview tricks you into foreclosure by telling you to not pay your payments while modifying your loan(not).Refuses to put anything into writing to protect it's crooked employees.

File complaint with florida attorney general, better business bureau, and your state senator. They got bailout

money- 43.3 million- and are only using it to screw people. fight back!

avelina colon advised us not to pay payments which we were trying to do while she modified loan. Now we are in foreclosure when be shouldn't be.

That's how they make their money and then offer you a really bad loan when they think you are desperate- at huge fees.Crooked mortgage brokers gone wild- making even more money than when they crashed the market.

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DONT AND I MEAN IT DONT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


I am filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals office for the same issues as many of you above.I was also told not to pay my mortgage and promised loan modifications.

Denied 2 times for the same reasons even though my pay was different with both applications by "get this $82,000.00." When I made a complaint I was told the denial letter was sent in error. That the underwriters had not gotten all the right info, that the investors were not going to go for cutting my payments.. I thought they recieved Gov monies to help with loan modifications? Who are the investors in this?

Sound rather Ponzi to me.

We will crack this one wide open for what it is.FRAUD!


Claudio Rivera Claudio

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Fellow Bayview victims:

I am gathering information to begin a class action law suit against Bayview.

Everything you can accumulate will help in this venture.


Bayview is a *** game.the had me make payment which depeted my savings acct them they promised me a modificaion under the gov program.Every thing was fine they said I had a 3 month period to make my payments( which I did) then at the end they jerked me around and said I did not quilify for toh gov program.

So the gave me a special. Bayview modification. The woman sent it on a Satuarday and said if they did not get it back that day I would go int forcloseure. I signed it and sent it back.

but it was void if singed after 1:00 pm I didn't get it until 12:00 that day it was siged at 4;00 pm.if this isn't

crooked what is?


we got caught up in the entire modification *** with bayview and in the end we had to end up filing a Chapter 13 bankrupcty to save our home, but in the end result is the laywer who is handling the case for us found some discrepencies with the amounts they are saying we owe for as far as escrow payments now they have to make there case to the bankruptcy judge before anything can go forward...


We are currently going through a foreclosure on our house because Bayview has depleted all my savings and 401k to try and keep my house. How can a company get away with this?


We are currently going through a foreclosure on our house because Bayview has depleted all my savings and 401k to try and keep my house. How can a company get away with this?


Now this is really scaring me because we where with Amcore now Harris and they hirede Bayview to do their comercial loans.i in a dead stand still with no return phone calls.

i am keeping up with the interest no help in what to do with my loan we do you turn to???????:(


how do you fight back if they are trying to take your home and you have done everything they have asked.


I have the same situation, my loan was transferred in August, they lost my August payment. Then I explained I couldn't get caught up so they told me not to make payments to prove hardship and promised they would modify my loan. Now my house is in foreclosure and they want to roll in an extra $11,000 dollars on the loan and claim those are attorney fees.

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