Bayview Loan Servicing Home Loan Reviews

I paid 50,000 down on my home and rental properties and then paid $1,600 per month for over 12 years and put $180,000 in improvements into my property (worth $483,000) and I had planned to sell just to get out of my faulty loan. WaMu had been servicing my loan for awhile and I caught them charging me hundreds of dollars in excess of what I actually owed for more than six years. They agreed to pay me back for the money they stole from me and for...
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I had never missed a payment on my home which I bought in 2005. The second month into having Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC as my servicer they sent me a letter stating that my payment went up about 150.00...I have a fixed conventional loan...I called and they claimed I missed a payment... I said I ABSOLUTELY did not..I filed ch.13 bankruptcy in September 2011 and told them. This was in January 2012. They said a rep would call me back from...
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I didn't like
  • Anything about them i dislike thieves and dishonesty
  • Anything at all about this company