if anyone has a problem with thier morgage with bayview loan servicing llc. please contact me at my email.

teratoid2@hotmail.com. as I will be filing a fedral law suit and Rico act against them. I have already won my first case and am working with attorneys. everything kept confidentual, My friend has also won his first case and now has filed a law suit and rico against them and thier corrupt lawyers.

you will be asked to file an affidavit and show proof of your claim.

They hold payments putting you delinkquint, charge late fees force insurance when you have it and it goes on. contact me

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I to have had a difficult time with them. They never respond to calls or emails, but are quick to send you certified letters stating that you need to contact them and as mentioned above when you try to contact them they do not answer.

Every week you get a new person assigned to your loan and they cant answer your questions because they have not looked at your loan. They hold payments and do not apply them when received causing you to be late. I was on a modification program for several years and just recently found out I was no longer on the program and had not been on it for a while. I never received a letter or phonne call stating I was taken off the program thus putting me behind on my payments because what I was sending was the modifided amount and not the amount they say I owed.

Also when you are on a modified program you do not receive statements and they say it is your responsibility to contact and stay in touch with them, but how do you do that when no one there responds. So now I am having to resend more documentation to once again be modified, I can only imagine what they are going to tack on to loan.

The sad part now is that my house is no longer worth the amount of the original loan due to the area we live in. This company has been doing bad business over the years I have been with them, but recently has gotten much worse since I filed complaints with BBB.


We've had similar problems with Bayview and are about to lose our house because they claimed we were three months behind in payments when we weren;t as I have cancelled checks to prove it. Then they claimed we owed over $5000 back fees, which we can't afford to pay. We will join a class action lawsuit, but time is running out as our court date is next week.


I've had some difficult times with them

Two modifications they offered which I paid

and then, no modification came through

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