Dear Pissed Consumer--- if you are willing to forward the following to the attorney generals in the states that Bayview have their offices, (and maybe also to the FBI), maybe something could be done and a class action suit be filed against Bayview.

With myself, this has gone on two times. Instead of modification, they rather foreclose. It's just stupid. Especially when I'm making the monthly payments. So naturally the courts won't allow it.

What's the point of support or advice? Bayview needs to be shut down in all the state they are currently operating in and where they have their offices and by the attorney generals of each particular state and by the FBI. Please read on as another site shows complaints and reviews that are verified --- at least 188 reviews and complaints about Bayview.

Other comments found:

Once again, Bayview Loan Servicing has gone out of its way to wrong my day. This is a business… Once again, Bayview Loan Servicing has gone out of its way to wrong my day. This is a business with no moral compass. Tonight I returned a call from Bayview at 7:45 p.m. Pacific time.

I will just give a little info. House went to foreclosure 2010 from bac. Sold to BayView. I abandon home in 2011. Have not been back since my son moved in and started paying rent to Bayview. At this time they are showing me with no payments on my credit report. Have disputed this for years. Now this month have said payments current and raised and mortgage amount 4 times in one day. Plus more.

My parents passed away in 2018 and since then I have taken over their mortgage payments as part of their trust account. Without any warning Chase froze their account which their mortgage payments were taken from and it took 2 months to straighten this out so automatic payments could start up again. Except the automatic payments never started up and then abruptly stopped in April. Turns out Chase apparently sold my parents' loan WITHOUT ANY NOTICE WHATSOEVER to this scam corporation which immediately sent out a notice of amounts due far beyond what was due (4 months when 3 had been paid). They never pick up the phone when you call and send out form letters implying what they are doing is legal or acceptable. Shame on any company that acts like this. Who knew Chase is in bed with this "loan" company? Time to sue them both? If there is a class action brewing, sign me up.

I filed chapter 13 back in 10-2017 because I was self-employed and my business had dropped down in half. Let me say this first. In no way did Suntrust mortgage loan do anything wrong. They were always great to deal with. When I filed Suntrust had my mortgage for 10+ years and never missed a payment or never late. I received on 1-3-2018 a copy of a letter that the trustee had put Suntrust on notice that when my loan had been bought by Bayview which I wasn't aware of that Bayview had failed to report they had purchased my loan. The trustee sent a letter to both loan companies that if Bayview did not immediately comply with the Federal Bankruptcy rules the payment would be paid to Suntrust. Bayview complied which was smart on their behalf.

This loan servicing company has no intention to provide any type of customer service to their clients. They lie and keep you in the dark and are in the business to delay you as much as possible. They want you to lose your home and they will try every trick to make it happen. I believe they find joy in giving their customers the runaround. I’m appalled in their behavior to treat their clients so horribly. They intentionally delayed information to me to make me lose my home to foreclosure. I had the money to pay the reinstatement well before the auction and they would not answer or return my calls to allow me to make this happen.

Terrible company to work with. In August of 2018 I began helping my elderly Mom with her mortgage as she was struggling and had been trying to get help from Bayview since March of 2018. From August to December of '18 I submitted all requested documents MULTIPLE times since they kept telling us they didn't have everything, most commonly my father's Death certificate and he passed in 2014!

And the stupid stuff that Bayview's doing goes on and on----

Stop the sale of my home on March 5th 2019. Place a (retainer) on my account for my home and that your company correct your mistakes. Reinstate my regular modification. The sale of my home would have been illegal done by Bayview!! Because I have been contacting your company on numerous occasions to get my mortgage intact also for your company to fully reinstate my modification to correct amount of $387.20 my regular payment on my documents before paying up my loan back In July 2018. Your company was given a total of $7173.69 after being told by Bayview. Which was agreed upon after, all was layout that starting August 2018 my regular payment and modification was reinstated back to $387.20 because my mortgage was on track.

This Bayview Loan Servicing company unnecessarily report late payments when loan is in good standing. The strange thing is that they omit to notify the customer. Not a good business ethic. Also when you make the monthly payment through their website you don't get a confirmation email that you made the payment although the email is required and not an option to process the payment. Never had a company this incompetent in servicing loans.

This company took over my loan from CitiFinancial. At first they were okay, even went above and beyond to do a loan modification for me. However, when the modification was done, they were still taking out my old loan payment! So when I called to get it corrected to the new lower amount, that went great. The mess came when I called to have the excess amounts from 2 of the old higher payment refunded to me, which was on January 31, I was told that it has been sitting in management's hands for release. Well I called back on Feb. 15, 2019 to be told that check had NEVER been cut and was given assurance that it would be FedEx overnight and I would have the check Tuesday. Well guess what, Tuesday came and went...NO CHECK. So I called back today to be told that it was still waiting to be cut. BEYOND PISSED. I am grateful of the loan modification because it did help me greatly but I will be so glad when I pay this company completely off!!!

My Loan was sold to Bayview Loan Servicing in 2017. In January 2019 I sold my house and my realtor was needing a payoff amount so I called Bayview. After calling several times they finally gave us a payoff amount on January 17TH that was $326 dollars higher than what my payoff was on their website. Bayview said it was a fee to keep the payoff amount the same until February 1ST. Bayview was charging $20.11 in interest per day through February 1st. My house closed on January 18th so I called and never got an answer if I was getting any kind of refund since the house closed on January 18th. I also disputed their payoff amount which was over $6000 more than it should have been.

The Lady I was helping had borrowed $10,000.00 which turned into $19,6--.00 when done. She died after paying for some 12 years, she wanted me to have the house. When I found the loan, I contacted Bayview about it to find out the payoff, the woman finally told me an amount, she asked why I wanted it and I told her Lola had died and she told me they did not want it paid off and hung up. I sent in a cashier's check for the amount she said and then got a copy of the check after 90 days to verify they got it or not, they did so I proceeded to get the family to send deed showing it was transferred to me with copies of the front and back of the check stipulating what it was for (paying off the loan in their own papers. It was called a short sale.)

We were denied for a loan modification, we appealed and never heard from them regarding the appeal. Every time we called no one called back. They ended up foreclosing on our home. We did get a lawyer to help with this but even then Bayview did not return their calls!! If you have them as your loan servicer run for the hills. They are the worst!! If there is a class action suit I am all in.

This company is a joke - my mother had her mortgage here and she is now passed away - house was up for short sale before she passed away -- had 2 buyers they drug their feet, buyers pulled out now we have another buyer and cant get anyone to call back or email regarding the status. They are ready to pull their offer. Frankly, I don't care if it sells or not. I am not out anything. So flipping frustrated, I am trying to do right so they can recover some of their money back. But if they don't want to help, why should I put forth any more effort.

I was with Chase Mortgage and fell 3 months behind. Was playing catch up with Chase when I was informed that my mortgage was sold to Bayview. Never heard of them. Never received a goodbye or hello letter. Chase refused to take my payment. After finally getting someone from Bayview to give me the information, I began making my payments to them. They don't cash your checks for about 20 days for some reason (which I suspect is a way to apply some sort of fee). I keep getting letters from them stating that they are going to accelerate the past payments from Chase, yet, I can never get anyone on the phone to try to work this out. I'm willing to pay additional each month to catch up those previous payments but no one seems to be able to help or discuss. I will state that I've never missed a payment with them since they purchased my mortgage from Chase.

Our loan was sold to Bayview Loan Servicing and immediately the problems began. Forced to purchase flood insurance although not in a flood zone. Purchased flood insurance and provided proof of said insurance and then was told, when I could finally get someone to speak to me, that I had to prove that I had actually PAID for the flood insurance. How would I have a policy if I had not paid for it!??? Told them I had ALREADY sent proof of payment the day I purchased the policy, not to mention the actual declarations page states "paid in full" right on the policy. Are you kidding me!?? I am praying that my loan will be bought or sold again so that I do not have to deal with these people again. This review is forcing me to choose a star to rate. I would have preferred zero stars but that was not an option.

I too was a Citibank mortgage customer until the 11th hour of a loan modification request and, without notice the mortgage was sold to Bayview Loan Servicing. I received a generic letter stating I owed them money, I waited several weeks for a response and finally learned of this mortgage sale to them from Citi. From day one of this transfer, Bayview has lacked any reasonable response to a loan modification and sends a 'package' with instruction for a refinance application.

My grandfather had a loan originally with CitiFinancial. They sold the loan to Bayview and it has been the worst experience ever! They are not helpful and at all! I wish that I can get some answers as to how to get a short sale to sell the house. I live in NC and I have moved my grandmother here with me so no one was going to be in the house. The agent first told me that she could not talk to me because I wasn't on the loan. I explained that he had passed away and I have been making payments. She still refused to talk to me. I called back and got a different agent who told me that there was nothing that they could do to help me, I would just have to pay the loan and then sell the house. These practices are absolutely unethical and these people need to be put out of business!!!

The absolute worst company I have ever had to deal with. They are holding my insurance money from two hail storms that hit my house in June and August and are making it almost impossible to get my money to pay the contractors who are fixing my house. Based on the other reviews I have read this company needs a class action lawsuit filed against it. I will be reporting them to any and all agencies I can. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

I closed on my condo and paid off my loan with Bayview Loan Servicing in April, 2018. I received a letter from Bayview in May of 2018 that the account was paid in full. October 9, 2018, I received an e-mail notice from Transunion and Experian that Bayview Loan Servicing is reporting me past due. The incorrect delinquent payment report was removed after I filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, however, Bayview continues to report it again after it was previously cleared up. There is no one at Bayview Loan Servicing that has been able to solve this. I have escalated and spoken with managers, etc. THEY STILL CONTINUE TO TELL ME TO FAX A COPY OF THE INCORRECT REPORTING FROM THE CREDIT BUREAUS SO THEY CAN FIX IT, AGAIN!

This group foreclosed on my home even after successfully completing a 3 month trial loan modification program. The fact is, they coerced me to enroll in the program to begin with. I only owed $35,000 on a home valued at $225,000. They took advantage of a senior citizen they felt confident could be done. I have learned the property was auctioned off to highest bidder for $113,000. That was Chattahoochee Investments LLC who evicted from the home I had custom built 22 years ago. As a 76 year old senior citizen, I now am homeless.

Like everyone else it like they start your loan over after you get behind and shove you into modification... Something thing needs to be done. We all need some help. I got into it through Citi finance. Which way do we go? Do we all need lawyers or what?

There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this company. They are trying to add money to our mortgage after Chase sold us after 1.5 missed payments. They tell different stories every time we call. We are going to look into a lawyer. They added an escrow account for insurance we already had, so we now have two homeowner policies. They continually send notices they are going to send us to foreclosure even though the mortgage portion is current. Even though requested information was sent to them for validation, they say we are still in the rears. Isn't there anyone that can make these thieves stop? They are unethical and should be put out of business.

22 years in my home and not late one time, I fell behind 3 months. JP Morgan Chase set up a repayment plan. I made the first payment June 2018. July 2nd they sold my mortgage to Bayview... Bayview knows nothing about the Chase repayment plan. No money has been applied which shows me further behind. The money is held in "unapplied" funds. Is this even legal?? Chase tells me Bayview should have been given the repayment plan. Bayview tells me they didn't get it and to wait and check back. Rest assured... it is now August 17th. I'm afraid to send $2500 anywhere... help me. Thanks so Much. I own two homes... Scared to death.

I just read some of the reviews from Bayview Loan. I thought it was just me but I feel Citi Fin and Bayview or in something my loan for Citi was 89000. In 2003 now Bayview has it and stopped my draft and now was foreclosure. Balance still 89000. How is that. One thing I can promise is I have already paid $187.000.00. They ain't getting my home standing. Lol just a joke. :-)

Where do I start! Same thing. Our previous mortgage company sold us to BVL. We had automatic withdrawal on May of this year, they stopped the withdrawal on our payment. We called. Their system was down. They never contact us! My husband called. His contact person is Kenneth **. He was very rude telling my husband to stop calling him, he was not in charge of our account. His name was always been on the statements and my husband has always called him and no problem. That's when everything started.

WORST COMPANY EVER!!!! Our home loan was transferred to them from Chase. Payments were not accredited correctly showing we were behind when we were not. It took 3 months for the account to even show up with Bayview. In the meantime, I was told to send payments to them with the Chase acct number on it. I have spent the last several months working on a different issue to get the deed transferred and no one knew how to do it.

Bayview is the worst loan service I have dealt with. They have failed to pay my county taxes out of my Escrow Account. I received one statement in May showing it was paradise, then in June my statement showed it was returned back. When I call them about why my taxes was not paid, they gave me a excuse that the check was cancel because it was not cash in 90 days. I can count very well, May until June is not 90 days. If my Taxes are not paid right away I am going to sue them and report them to every Agency that governs them. Something is not right with this company.

My mom passed away and willed me her house. She had a mortgage at Chase that she was behind in that was transferred to Bayview. The company reached out to me and said they were offering a loan modification. I accepted, sent in the documents they requested, Mom's Will and death certificate. I made the 3 trial payments and a 4th payment. They sent me documents that were made out to my mom, a deceased person. When I called my rep Marsha ** said to cross her name out and initial it, so I did and had all copies notarized. Then I got the runaround and said it will be finalized but to keep on making payments.

I applied for a loan modification. I submitted all the required documents. All of the communication has been done with me making the calls. I last spoke with the the person taking care of the modification in April of this year. He assured me that was all he needed and ask me to fax the same information to their underwriter. I did. He says he would call with the update. He never called. I call Bayview. I was assigned someone new. This person just told me yesterday he didn't find the documents and want me to start the process all over. This does not sound right. He can get the information from the underwriter. If anyone want proceed with a class action lawsuit please contact me at **.

I have been sending in more money than my mortgage payment actually should be. Only to find out that they have not been applying the extra money at all. Really need some help here. Can there be a class action suit filed against them?

My thought are-----

The whole Bayview company and all of its divisions across the U.S. need to be closed up and shut down and never be allowed to open up again, no matter what their new name or company might be. And who knows, maybe jail-time as well for the ones running the opertions.

As I said, why doesn't (or hasn't) the attorney general done something about this company? There are at lease 188 reviews and complaints about them.

Reason of review: Company still in business.

Bayview Loan Servicing Cons: Experience not good.

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